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Tag Archives: Criminal Defense Loudoun County


Can a DUI Affect Employment Status in Virginia?

By Simms Showers LLP |

The subject of today’s blog post centers on the relationship between an arrest or conviction for driving under the influence (DUI) and future employment opportunities. For the purposes of this discussion, it is important to note that a DUI arrest or conviction can result in a criminal record. In certain employment settings, the presence… Read More »

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Sleepy Driver Convicted of Reckless Driving in Virginia

By Simms Showers LLP |

A 22-year-old Virginia man pleaded guilty to reckless driving after he fell asleep at the wheel and caused a fatal crash, according to an article by WTOP. This car accident occurred on March 22, 2017. At that time, the Virginia man was driving to work on his normal morning commute. The man was admittedly… Read More »

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Ignition Interlock Devices in Virginia

By Simms Showers LLP |

The Commonwealth of Virginia features strict rules concerning the criminal offense of driving under the influence (DUI). Recognizing the dangerousness of drunk driving, Virginia enacted harsh penalties for DUI, even for first-time offenders. Just one DUI conviction can result in the installation of an ignition interlock device as well as the imposition of educational… Read More »

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Arrest Bars

Virginia Laws Concerning Prescription Drugs, Bath Salts and Inhalants

By Simms Showers LLP |

The Commonwealth of Virginia prohibits the possession or distribution of illegal drugs classified as controlled substances. Certain illegal drugs tend to dominate the headlines, including but not limited to cocaine, ecstasy, and marijuana. But Virginia laws provide guidelines for numerous other controlled substances. Moreover, the penalties for infraction are quite severe, making it vital… Read More »

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Silent Theft of Virginia Bank Leads to Grand Larceny

By Simms Showers LLP |

Without speaking a word or threatening force, a man committed grand larceny at a bank in Virginia and took off with approximately $4,000, as reported by The Roanoke Times. The man walked into the bank and slid a note to a teller. The note simply asked for $4,000 in cash without any marked bills… Read More »

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Virginia Beach Police Search for Larceny Suspects

By Simms Showers LLP |

Virginia Beach police are looking for two suspects in connection with several larcenies that led to credit card fraud, as reported by WTKR. The suspects broke into two different vehicles – one on the 1600 block of Independence Boulevard and another on the 4100 block of First Court. The suspects shattered the windows on… Read More »

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The Difference Between a Felony and a Misdemeanor Charge

By Simms Showers LLP |

Misdemeanor and felony are common words heard when crimes are committed, but what exactly is the difference? In the eyes of the law, felonies are always more serious offenses compared to misdemeanors. What is considered a felony or misdemeanor can vary slightly from state to state. Virginia Code 18.2-8 defines a felony as any… Read More »

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State Crime Commission To Study Decriminalization of Marijuana

By Simms Showers LLP |

The Virginia State Crime Commission, which is made up of citizens and state lawmakers, will soon begin a study looking at the pros and cons of decriminalizing marijuana, and will later give its report to the General Assembly. This report could be the beginning process of a 2018 bill that would present changes to… Read More »

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Probation Violations

By Simms Showers LLP |

Were you given a probation sentence as opposed to serving your sentence, or the remainder of your sentence, in prison or jail? If so, there are certain steps you must closely follow in order to maintain your freedom and avoid probation violation. Contact an attorney today for more information and for legal representation if… Read More »

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Virginia Hate Crimes Criminal Defense

By Simms Showers LLP |

Hate crimes have seen a large spike over the last year during the presidential campaign, with an even larger spike after the election, according to the Independent. A hate crime is defined in Virginia § 52-8.5 as committing a crime against a person because of a protected trait. A hate crime is committed when… Read More »

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