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Leesburg Business Litigation

Business owners usually dread litigation—and for good reason. Commercial disputes can possibly drain a company’s financial reserves, and the outcome of any litigation is uncertain. Nevertheless, litigation is often unavoidable, especially where a client or competitor has harmed your business and you need relief.

At Simms Showers, our Leesburg business litigation attorneys can step in and guide you through the litigation process. We have a keen eye for cost savings and believe that litigation, when handled properly, enhances a business’ value. Contact our law firm to learn more.

We Can Assist with All Types of Business Litigation

Businesses face all sorts of risks from all sides. Our clients often bring lawsuits to protect themselves, or they need legal representation to fight off a lawsuit. We can help with many types of business disputes, including:

  • Breach of contract
  • Unfair competition claims
  • Consumer fraud
  • Real estate disputes
  • Leasing disputes
  • Employment contracts
  • Severance disputes
  • Commercial disparagement
  • Tortious interference with contract
  • Copyright or trademark infringement
  • Business torts

Whether you are seeking compensation from another party, or defending yourself against frivolous claims, we can help.

We Seek Cost Efficient Resolutions

Business litigation usually begins with the filing of a complaint in court. This document identifies the factual basis for the dispute and asks for remedies, typically money damages. The person or entity sued then has an opportunity to respond.

Unless parties settle, they can engage in expensive and time-consuming discovery. Many discovery disputes drag on for years as each side requests documents and serves subpoenas on the other side. Business executives must take time out of their busy lives to prepare for high-stakes depositions, where they answer questions under oath.

Fortunately, our attorneys can intervene to streamline litigation so that you can resolve a dispute in a cost-effective manner. Some options include limiting discovery or using alternative dispute resolution techniques such as mediation or arbitration. With arbitration, we present a case to one or more arbitrators who act like judges, but the entire process is private. These alternative resolution techniques can reduce costs and might even be required by a contract.

We Can Protect Your Business

When we meet with business clients, we carefully review their goals. For some, winning the case is all that matters. This is especially true in high-stakes litigation where large amounts of money are in play. For other clients, finding common ground to reach a settlement which reduces risk is the desired result.

A key consideration in business litigation is your reputation. Embarrassing information can come out in a lawsuit that implicates key employees in questionable conduct. Alternatively, litigation can make business secrets public, emboldening competitors and costing your business valuable market share. Because litigation is a public process, you need someone who understands the ways of keeping damaging information away from the public eye.

Speak with a Leesburg Business Litigation Lawyer

Most companies face a business dispute at some time or another. The way you respond impacts your company’s future and sets the tone for how competitors will treat you. For help, contact Simms Showers today.

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