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Maryland Non-Profit Attorney

While we often associate churches and charities with the term non-profit organization, the reality is that a much wider range of institutions qualify as non-profit groups, including clinics and hospitals, political organizations, volunteer services, labor unions, museums, and professional associations. Regardless of their specific missions, these types of organizations must comply with specific state laws or risk losing their tax-exempt status, so if you have questions about forming, organizing, or maintaining a non-profit organization, you should call an experienced Maryland non-profit attorney who can advise you.

Qualifying as a Non-Profit Organization in Maryland

Non-profit organizations are tax-exempt entities organized for purposes besides generating profit, but are still required to comply with specific business rules and regulations. In fact, groups hoping to qualify for non-profit status must seek designation as such when they are created and are required to comply with state law when forming. This means that non-profit groups in Maryland are subject to a different set of requirements and procedures than organizations in other states, making it especially important for those who need help navigating Maryland’s non-profit laws regarding tax-exempt status, immunity from liability, and accreditation, to speak with a non-profit attorney as soon as possible.

Tax-Exempt Status

Non-profit organizations are exempt from federal taxes if they are organized exclusively for certain purposes, including those of a religious, charitable, scientific, or educational nature. Unfortunately, the process of obtaining tax-exempt status from the IRS can be tedious and even once granted, can be lost if an organization uses certain employment practices or begins operating outside of the U.S. To learn more about the steps you can take to avoid unnecessary processing delays when applying for tax-exempt status or for help maintaining that status, please don’t hesitate to call our firm today.

International Law

In an effort to spread awareness about certain issues around the globe, many U.S.-based non-profit organizations choose to expand outside of the country. While this is possible, it does implicate a series of new restrictions and regulations related to international banking, federal taxes, and national security concerns. Our firm has experience navigating these complex matters, which includes helping our clients:

  • Create partnerships between non-profit organizations in the U.S. and foreign groups;
  • Share monetary resources with other groups;
  • Conduct business activities in foreign countries;
  • Organize non-profit structures overseas; and
  • Comply with IRS rules regarding fundraising and donations for a foreign non-governmental group.

It’s easy to become overwhelmed when attempting to sift through the many laws, regulations, and procedures with which non-profit organizations must comply, so if you have questions or concerns about these, or other related legal matters, it is important to have a non-profit law attorney evaluate your case.

Maryland Non-Profit Attorney

For help ensuring that your own non-profit organization is operating in accordance with state and federal law, please contact one of the experienced attorneys at Simms Showers LLP by calling 703-879-1364 today.

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