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Leesburg Child Support

Whether you are going through divorce, were never married to your child’s other parent, or wish to modify an existing child support order, you need to work with an experienced Leesburg child support attorney. Child support is a complex matter, and it is in your best interest to seek legal assistance, regardless of your position. The legal team at Simms Showers has aided countless parents, both custodial and non-custodial, and represented their best interests.

Child Support Orders

Raising a child is incredibly expensive. That expense should be split between both parents and should not simply be the responsibility of the custodial parent. A child support order is a legally enforceable obligation for a non-custodial parent to pay a certain amount, every month, to the child’s primary custodial parent. Child support, even when the amount is relatively small, is often the difference between keeping a child out of poverty. However, if the non-custodial parent recently lost a job, or is otherwise unable to pay a large monthly sum that has been ordered, they need to take legal immediately to relief the financial burden and ensure that a reasonable amount is ordered to be paid.

Typical Child Support Obligation

Guidelines for Virginia child support are listed under Va. Ann. Code § 20-108.2, and are based on the child’s needs, in addition to the income of the custodial and non-custodial parents. The state sets guidelines based on the combined income of the parents. It uses the combined income to create a support obligation, which is then divided based on each parent’s income. The guidelines also factor the cost of the child’s insurance, daycare/aftercare expenses, and if either parent has other children and/or pays child support for other children.

Enforcement of Child Support Orders

The Virginia Division of Child Support Enforcement assists parents with enforcing child support orders. It is a widely understood fact that few parents receive child support on time, or in the correct amount. As such, enforcement agencies are paramount in non-custodial holding paying parents accountable. The Virginia Division of Child Support Enforcement also seek child support orders and modify existing orders. If the parties have agreed for the child support not to go through the Division of Child Support Enforcement, there are other remedies available to a party who is not receiving child support as ordered such as a Rule to Show Cause. A Rule to Show Cause asks the court to find the party ordered to pay in contempt.

Call a Leesburg Child Support Attorney Today

Child support is a complicated matter. Custodial parents rightfully seek higher monthly payments to help feed, cloth, and educate their child. Non-custodial parents often feel that they are being asked to provide more than they can feasibly manage. Regardless of what side you are on, you need to work with an attorney to ensure that your needs are met and to protect your interests. Call Simms Showers at 703-879-1364 to schedule a consultation with a Leesburg child support attorney today.

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