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Monthly Archives: June 2019


Family Abuse Under Virginia Law

By Simms Showers LLP |

Family abuse is a legal term in Virginia for criminal acts involving family members or similar personal associates. Commonly referred to as domestic violence, family abuse occurs when a person abuses or threatens his or her own family members. Unlike other crimes, family abuse centers on the relationship between the perpetrator and victim. As… Read More »

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Reckless Driving Charges Filed After Virginia School Bus Accident

By Simms Showers LLP |

A Virginia school bus driver faces criminal charges for reckless driving after causing a multi-vehicle crash, according to an article by CBS affiliate WTKR. This automotive accident occurred in Chesterfield County on Tuesday, May 28th just before 2 p.m. At that point, the school bus driver was approaching the intersection of Iron Bridge and… Read More »

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How Does Virginia Punish Distributing or Advertising Illegal Drugs to Minors?

By Simms Showers LLP |

Although the Commonwealth of Virginia treats all drug crimes with the utmost seriousness, there are special considerations in place for distributing or advertising illegal drugs to minor children. In this context, the term minor children applies to kids under the age of 18 years old. Distributing Illegal Drugs to Minor Children Code of Virginia… Read More »

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Suspected DUI Kills One Person & Maims Another in Virginia

By Simms Showers LLP |

A Virginia woman faces criminal charges for driving under the influence (DUI) and involuntary manslaughter after allegedly causing a fatal car crash, according to an article by WAVY. This auto accident occurred in Chesapeake on Interstate 264 at approximately 3 a.m. on June 1st. That is when the Virginia woman apparently lost control of… Read More »

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Resolving Conflicts Before They Start: Court Enforcement of Church Bylaws

By Simms Showers LLP |

By William R. Thetford, Esq. and H. Robert Showers, Esq.   In some ways, a successful business, nonprofit, or church share many similarities. All involve governing structures outlining the chain of command and governing documents outlining the specifics as to how the business/church/nonprofit will be operated, etc. In other ways, they are far different,… Read More »

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What Constitutes Illegal Gambling in Virginia?

By Simms Showers LLP |

From March Madness brackets to back-alley dice games or online poker, there seem to be many examples of gambling in life these days. Outside of certain exceptions — such as licensed horse racing, private residences, and the state lottery — however, gambling remains largely illegal across the Commonwealth of Virginia. As a result, it… Read More »

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Virginia Reckless Driving Laws Against Racing

By Simms Showers LLP |

Throughout Virginia, it is illegal to engage in reckless driving or similar conduct on state highways and roadways. In order to protect drivers on those roads, Virginia has many different laws reckless driving. One particularly dangerous version of reckless driving is referred to as racing. What Qualifies as Racing in Virginia? The definition of… Read More »

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What are the Laws Against & Penalties for Drug Paraphernalia in Virginia?

By Simms Showers LLP |

In addition to other drug crimes in Virginia, it is unlawful to possess, sell, or advertise for any type of tools or equipment associated with illegal drugs. Legally referred to as drug paraphernalia under Virginia law, these tools and equipment help the user prepare and consume illegal drugs. As a result, Virginia treats drug… Read More »

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Virginia Judge Declares Portsmouth Police Officer Not Guilty of DUI

By Simms Showers LLP |

Despite registering a chemical test well above the legal limit for alcohol, a Portsmouth police officer received a not guilty verdict for driving under the influence (DUI), according to an article by WAVY. This incident dates back to September 16th. On that day, the police officer was off-duty and driving down Victory Boulevard in… Read More »

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