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Opioid Prescription Painkiller Drug Charges

By Simms Showers LLP |

There is a growing epidemic of opioid-derived prescription pain medication. These medications, such as hydrocodone, codeine, methadone, meperidine, hydromorphone, and fentanyl, are some of the most addictive and dangerous substances known. In recent years, tens of thousands of Americans become addicted after a serious injury and accidentally die from overdoses. The epidemic is largely… Read More »

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Claiming Self- Defense in Virginia Criminal Charges

By Simms Showers LLP |

If you hurt or kill another person, whether it was intentional or accidental, there will be consequences. These penalties are on a scale of moderate to severe, depending on the outcome of your actions, as well as your motives. A planned and premeditated killing will invoke a harsher penalty than a crime of passion… Read More »

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Criminal Justice Reform in Virginia’s Near Future?

By Simms Showers LLP |

Hope may be on the way for Virginia citizens who have been charged with a non-traffic related crime and subsequently had their license revoked because of it, as reported by NBC29.com. Virginia Governor Terry McAuliffe is proposing this and other criminal justice reforms during the 2017 General Assembly. There are currently 200,000 Virginians who… Read More »

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The Death Penalty in Virginia

By Simms Showers LLP |

A Virginia man awaiting his day of execution recently asked a federal court to thwart state plans of execution by lethal injection, claiming that that form of death was less humane than even a firing squad. The inmate’s lawyers claim that the lethal mix of rocuronium bromide, the sedative midazolam, and potassium chloride carry… Read More »

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