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Monthly Archives: August 2021


Surveying 5 Variations Of Reckless Driving In Virginia

By Simms Showers LLP |

Reckless driving is a criminal offense under Code of Virginia Section 46.2-852. This law prohibits any person from operating a motor vehicle in a way that threatens the safety of other people or property. Under Code of Virginia Section 46.2-868, reckless driving is charged as a Class 1 misdemeanor or Class 6 felony. The… Read More »

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Virginia Man Charged With Assault & Abduction After Holiday Weekend

By Simms Showers LLP |

A man from Sterling, Virginia faces criminal charges for assault and battery, abduction, and other crimes after the July 4th holiday weekend, according to an article by the Loudoun Times-Mirror. At approximately 7 p.m. on Monday, July 5, the Loudoun County Sheriff’s Office responded to a victim’s report of assault. The Sterling man allegedly… Read More »

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Virginia Woman Pleads Guilty To DUI & Involuntary Manslaughter

By Simms Showers LLP |

A Virginia woman recently pleaded guilty to driving under the influence (DUI) and involuntary manslaughter after causing a fatal accident in 2020, according to an article by WJHL. This incident occurred on September 23, 2020, at approximately 8 p.m. in Wise County. The Virginia woman was driving drunk on U.S. Highway 23 and crashed… Read More »

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Virginia Legalizes Marijuana For Recreational Possession & Use

By Simms Showers LLP |

As of July 1, 2021, it is no longer a drug crime to possess or use marijuana recreationally in the Commonwealth of Virginia, subject to specific limitations. When Senate Bill 1406 became law, it also created the Cannabis Control Act to regulate the possession and use of marijuana by adults who are at least… Read More »

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How Does Virginia Define & Punish Criminal Street Gangs?

By Simms Showers LLP |

Virginia law makes it a felony crime to participate in a criminal street gang. A criminal street gang, to be defined as such, must meet a multifaceted system of requirements. Not all criminal associations meet the Virginia legal standard for a criminal street gang. How Does Virginia Define a Criminal Street Gang? The state… Read More »

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Virginia Truck Driver Charged With Distracted Driving & Reckless Driving

By Simms Showers LLP |

A Virginia truck driver faces criminal charges for distracted and reckless driving after losing control of their vehicle and causing a fire, according to an article by ABC-affiliate WRIC. According to reports from the Virginia State Police, this 36-year-old man was transporting diesel fuel in a tractor-trailer. The truck driver was apparently heading west… Read More »

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Exploring Controlled Substance Schedules For Virginia Drug Crimes

By Simms Showers LLP |

Virginia legal code includes many laws against drug crimes, ranging from possession to distribution or possession with intent to distribute. In many cases, the charges for a Virginia drug crime can fluctuate from misdemeanor to felony, depending on the schedule of the controlled substance in question. These schedules are managed by the Virginia Board… Read More »

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Passenger Dies In Virginia Crash & Driver Faces DUI Charges

By Simms Showers LLP |

A Virginia man faces criminal charges for driving under the influence (DUI) after allegedly causing a fatal crash on U.S. Route 460, according to an article by WVNS. The Virginia State Police responded to this incident on May 27. When troopers arrived at the scene of the accident on U.S. Route 460, they discovered… Read More »

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