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Monthly Archives: December 2018


What are the Penalties in Virginia for Driving Under the Influence?

By Simms Showers LLP |

Driving under the influence (DUI) of alcohol or drugs is the source of numerous automotive accidents, physical injuries, and fatalities every year in Virginia. That is why there are strict laws and penalties against intoxicated or impaired driving. The punishment for DUI can include time behind bars and criminal fines, especially for repeat offenders…. Read More »

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Does Racing Qualify as Reckless Driving in Virginia?

By Simms Showers LLP |

In Hollywood movies and TV shows, there are countless depictions of automotive races. Heroes and villains chase each other through crowded city streets in a dangerous display of reckless driving. What pop culture does not always demonstrate, however, is the massive risk that comes with racing automobiles. From property damage to physical injury or… Read More »

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Domestic Violence Under Virginia Law

By Simms Showers LLP |

Domestic violence is a broad term that applies to criminal conduct against certain family and household members. Referred to legally as family abuse, there are many forms of domestic violence under Virginia law. That is because family abuse centers on the relationship between the perpetrator and the victim. Unless the perpetrator commits an offense… Read More »

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Intoxicated Reckless Driver Eludes Police with Baby in Car

By Simms Showers LLP |

A Virginia man faces reckless driving and other criminal charges after driving drunk and eluding police in a high-speed chase in Newport News, reported CBS affiliate WAVY. In the process, the man also endangered the lives of his wife and infant child, as they were passengers in his vehicle. This traffic incident began at… Read More »

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Virginia Laws Against Aggressive or Violent Machine Gun Use

By Simms Showers LLP |

Referred to as machine guns, automatic firearms and similar weapons are highly regulated in Virginia. This stems from the potential danger that these weapons pose to the general public. Armed with a machine gun, a single assailant has the power to harm large groups of people at the same time. To minimize the impact… Read More »

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Virginia Drunk Driver Faces Involuntary Manslaughter Charges

By Simms Showers LLP |

A Virginia drunk driver smashed into another vehicle on Interstate 64, leading to the death of one person and injuries to several others, reported the Associated Press. The drunk driver faces criminal charges for involuntary manslaughter as a result of this incident. This automotive accident occurred in the evening of November 9th in Hampton,… Read More »

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