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Woman Arrested in Virginia After Getting Three Tickets Within an Hour

Earlier this summer a woman was arrested after she received three speeding tickets within one hour on I-81 in Virginia. Kai Kitchen was clocked driving 93, 97, and 94 miles an hour at each of her three respective stops by police. For the first two tickets, the police officers wrote her misdemeanor reckless driving tickets. For the third ticket, however, the police officer again wrote her a misdemeanor reckless driving ticket, but this time immediately placed Ms. Kitchen under arrest and brought her to the New River Valley Regional Jail. Of course, this case is (hopefully) an outlier and most people would not find themselves in this situation, but it does underscore the point that a speeding ticket can be a big deal, especially in a state like Virginia where you may get a misdemeanor reckless driving charge instead of a regular speeding ticket depending on how fast you were going and other circumstances.

If You Are Stopped for Speeding

If you are stopped for speeding, you should make sure that you are polite and cooperative with the officer and do what he or she says. However, you should not admit to anything nor answer any questions that would amount to an admission of guilt. Politely but firmly explain to the officer that you would like to talk to your attorney before you answer any questions. If you are given a ticket you can accept it, but do not sign anything that could be seen as an admission of guilt.

As soon as possible after you get a speeding ticket or a reckless driving, you should contact a skilled speeding ticket attorney. Speeding tickets can have significant consequences for your wallet and driving record. They are not a matter to take lightly. Also, if there is any evidence you may need to make your case, take photos, samples, or anything else that could help your case later.

Penalties for Speeding Tickets

If you are given a speeding ticket and plead guilty and/or pay the fine without fighting it, there are several consequences you may face. In terms of fees, Virginia charges a flat $62 fee for court costs, along with higher costs depending on the speed of the vehicle at the time of the arrest. Speeding tickets also can result in “points” on your license which can affect your insurance rates and even bar you from some driving-related jobs. Depending on how fast you are going, you could end up with three to six points on your driving record. Those points will remain for up to two years.

Leesburg Virginia Speeding Ticket Attorneys

If you are stopped for speeding and given a ticket anywhere in Northern Virginia, you should contact a knowledgeable speeding ticket attorney as soon as possible to help get your ticket reduced or dropped. Our experienced speeding ticket attorneys at Simms Showers, LLP in Leesburg, Virginia, have the knowledge and know-how to help you with your speeding and reckless driving tickets.

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