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Indoor Mold Continues to Cause Problems for Virginia Residents


A Christiansburg resident is considering civil litigation against her former landlord for continuing problems from indoor mold, according to an article by The Roanoke Times.

The tenant moved to a 1,716-square-foot property in Christiansburg from Las Vegas to pursue a doctorate degree at Virginia Tech. Within days of moving into the landlord’s property, the tenant began experiencing health problems. Among other symptoms, the tenant suffered from nose bleeding, itching eyes and pounding headaches.

After conducting research on the impact of indoor mold, the tenant called a mold removal specialist to inspect the property. The specialist confirmed the presence of mold. So the tenant followed up with her landlord. The landlord quickly released the tenant from the lease, returning paid rent and the security deposit.

But the tenant’s problems were just beginning. Shortly after leaving the landlord’s property, the tenant’s symptoms got worse and resulted in a trip to the emergency room. Medical professionals diagnosed the tenant with mold exposure and cautioned against returning to her former rental unit.

At this point, the tenant is considering a civil lawsuit against the landlord. The damages requested would include a short stint at a hotel, medical expenses, and mold removal fees.

Does Virginia Law Address Indoor Mold in Rental Properties? 

Code of Virginia section 55-248.18:2 provides the state guidelines concerning mold remediation in rental properties. If a rental property develops mold that is dangerous to health or safety, then the landlord may force any tenant to leave the property to remove the mold. The landlord has a 30-day window to clean the mold and return the property to the tenant.

While the landlord cleans the mold, the tenant must continue to pay rent in complete and timely fashion. But the landlord is responsible for providing tenant with either a similar rental property or a hotel room. In either case, the landlord selects and pays for the similar rental property or hotel room.

Overall, the landlord is responsible for all expenses related to mold remediation and tenant relocation. The landlord is also responsible for ensuring that mold removal adheres to the professional standards outlined in Code of Virginia section 55-248.4. So long as the landlord complies with those standards, the lease remains in full effect. And tenant regains control of the property within 30 days.

Do You Need Legal Advice from an Experienced Personal Injury Attorney? 

Whether you are dealing with complications from indoor mold or other personal injury issues, it can be a challenge to get started. Mounting bills from medical expenses and lost wages may contribute to budget concerns. An experienced personal injury attorney can make a true difference, explaining your rights and planning the road to recovery.

If have questions about indoor mold or other personal injury issues, please feel free to contact Simms Showers LLP at your earliest convenience. Our attorneys have demonstrated experience handling a wide range of personal injury cases. We offer free consultations for personal injury matters. Our attorneys are available by calling 703-997-7821 or by filling out a simple form online.



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