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Former Teacher/Instructor Faces Forgery Charges In Loudoun County


A former teacher and driving instructor for the Loudoun County Public Schools faces Virginia charges for forgery, according to an article by the Loudoun Times-Mirror.

On June 20, this 26-year-old man resigned from his roles as physical education teacher at Guilford Elementary School and part-time driving instructor at Rock Ridge High School. Approximately four days later, law enforcement commenced an investigation into potential forgery crimes.

Official reports indicate that this former teacher/instructor falsified at least 12 driving records and failed to deliver the minimum training required for driver’s education. Although the precise motive remains unclear, it seems that the former teacher/instructor was attempting to skirt documentation requirements. But the former teacher/instructor did not appear to benefit financially from these alleged offenses.

As a result of this incident, local authorities arrested the former teacher/instructor on August 30 and charged him with four counts of forgery. Furthermore, the students involved either received a refund for the training program or further driver’s education without additional cost.

At this juncture, the former teacher/instructor awaits an arraignment and further proceedings. While this matter continues to develop in legal circles, it seems like an appropriate opportunity to review the Virginia laws against and penalties for several forgery crimes.

Forgery of Public Records in Virginia

Code of Virginia Section 18.2-168 makes it unlawful to:

  • Forge any public record, certificate, return, or attestation where such document could be received as legal proof; or
  • Utter or attempt to employ as true any forged public record, certificate, return, or attestation, knowing the document to be forged.

A violation of Section 18.2-168 is punishable as a Class 4 felony in Virginia. Upon conviction, the punishment can include criminal fines up to $100,000 and prison sentence between two and 10 years.

Forgery of Other Writings in Virginia

Code of Virginia Section 18.2-172 makes it illegal to:

  • Utter or attempt to employ as true any forged writing, knowing the document to be forged and to the prejudice of another person’s rights; or
  • Obtain the signature of another person by false pretense or token with the intent to commit fraud.

A violation of Section 18.2-172 is punishable as a Class 5 felony in Virginia. Upon conviction, the punishment can include criminal fines up to $2,500 and prison sentence between one and 10 years.

Do You Need Legal Help?

If you have legal questions about forgery or other aspects of criminal law in Virginia, it can be decidedly helpful to reach out to an adept Leesburg criminal defense lawyer. The lawyers at Simms Showers LLP have experience defending against many types of criminal charges, including forgery. If you need legal help with criminal defense, contact us today for a free initial consultation.





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