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Fiery Crash: a Reminder that Fleeing the Police is Always a Bad Idea

A recent high-speed police chase has led to another tragic death. As is so often the case, this horrific event can be instructive for anyone facing the possibility of arrest. At the outset, we should state unequivocally that fleeing the police is always a bad idea. Not only do you risk greater criminal penalties as a result of leading the police on a chase, but you also risk causing injury or death to yourself or others. None of these outcomes are justified by the incredibly small chances you have of escaping arrest by fleeing in your vehicle. You are always better off hiring a criminal defense attorney than you are risking death by flight. Remember that you neither have to answer any questions nor voluntarily submit to a search. Refusing to do so can only help your legal case. However, physically resisting or fleeing will substantially hurt your chances of escaping the situation with your life.

Background of the Case

According to the most recent reports, the 56-year-old man had allegedly shot his nephew (who is expected to survive). After an argument about unknown matters, the man allegedly shot the victim in the stomach. When neighbors called 911, the man, identified as Samuel Vass, fled in his vehicle. As paramedics arrived to tend to the young victim, police chased Vass in a silver vehicle. He entered Interstate 64 in the wrong direction with police in pursuit, ultimately crashing into a wall. The vehicle burst into flames before he could escape. Mr. Vass later succumbed to his injuries at the hospital.

The Dangers of Flight

It is not certain whether the suspect in this chase actually thought he would escape or if he was attempting “suicide by cop.” Nevertheless, the case is instructive in that many such chases end in this fashion. Little can be done to deter someone who has a death wish. But it is worth reminding people in dire straits that even if you face a substantial amount of time in prison for your crimes, you are still better off alive. It may be possible for a good defense attorney to get you a decreased sentence, or even clear your name altogether. The deliberative system of justice is likely to give you a more favorable result than your decision to risk life and limb fleeing in the heat of passion.

Contact a Virginia Criminal Defense Attorney

You have rights if you are accused of a crime. Even if you committed the crime, the combination of a skilled defense and an honest plea for mercy may result in a minimal sentence. And if there is doubt as to your guilt, you may be exonerated. We do not advise our clients to surrender their rights. On the contrary, we want our clients to fully exercise their right to refuse searches, remain silent, and obtain counsel. But you are not in a good position to exercise these rights when you evade or resist arrest. So please, if you are facing arrest, do not flee. Stop, keep quiet, and request the attorneys at Simms Showers in Leesburg.

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