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Criminal Justice System Injustices


For those who have dealt with the criminal justice system, you know just how unfair the process can be. From police harassment and misconduct to biased jurors and judges, sometimes it feels like the entire system is rigged against you and other ordinary people. Unfortunately, even more injustices have been reported lately, as discussed below. We encourage you to seek out an experienced attorney if you have been charged with a crime or are currently under investigation. A lawyer can go a long way in making this process more bearable, and will ensure that your rights are fully invoked and protected throughout.

Bail Bonds Cost $9 Billion Each Year for People Who are Not Convicted of a Crime

As reported in Time Magazine, 400,000 people who have not been convicted of a crime are held in jail simply because they do not have the means to afford their freedom by posting bail. Minorities, particularly black people, are the biggest victim of this tragedy. Black people, who are statistically as likely to commit a crime as a white person, are incarcerated at five times the rate of white people, according to the Guardian. Furthermore, when a lower or middle income person cannot afford bail, they must go to a bail bond company or else sit in jail for days or months. Turning to a bail bond company ends up costing them what little money they do have. This insurance system costs people, who have been convicted of no crime, $9 billion a year. This immoral system is setup to profit off the backs of the poor.

Jails Remove in-Person Visits and Replace them with Charged Skype and Phone Calls

The one thing that keeps inmates going during incarceration is visits from family members. Studies have shown that prisoners who do not get personal visits are actually more likely to commit another crime when they get out. Researchers at the Minnesota Department of Corrections found that by receiving at least one in-person during an inmate’s period of incarceration reduces the likelihood that they will commit another felony by 13 percent and reduces their chances of violating their parole by 25 percent. Research director Grant Duwe said that this provides “tangible evidence to show that if we can increase visitation, we can give offenders more of the social support they need to succeed.” But what gets put in place of these vital personal visits? Skype-like sessions and phone calls, which cost up to $1 per minute. This costs families $1.3 billion annually, which goes straight into the pockets of communications companies and fees paid to jails and prisons, according to Vice News. 74 percent of jails that use such technology have terminated personal visits entirely.

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