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4 Deadly New Street Drugs that are Gaining Popularity Nationwide

In 1960, there were only a small handful of widely used street drugs. Marijuana, cocaine, psychedelic mushrooms, and LSD were the most reported. However, fast-forward just 56 years and the landscape of illicit drugs becomes far more diverse. Here are just six of the most recent additions to the ever-changing street drug market.


Marketed mostly overseas, “Spice” is often called many things. In fact, it has as many as 200 names. It is also called “K-2.” This is marketed as a synthetic form of marijuana, but it is actually just a synthesized version of other strains of cannabis. While it affects people in similar ways as marijuana, it also has much more significant side effects, such as rapid heart rate, tremors, vomiting and death. In fact, there have been hundreds of reported deaths associated with “spice.”  This drug has quickly moved to illegal status.


Pronounced “crocodile,” this terrible drug is cooked up by mixing Codeine with gasoline, various oils and other toxic additives. Then, this deadly mix is directly injected into the user’s bloodstream. It gets its name from the skin conditions and rashes that develop near injection sites, usually on arms and hands. Not surprisingly, this drug kills a lot of its users and leaves plenty more permanently disfigured, disabled or brain-damaged.


As of a September 2013 press release by the Fairfax Police Department, the Department had seized more than 16 pounds of Molly and seen over 165 cases of Molly usage. In 2012, they were seeing about eight cases per month. Considering that this was three years ago, Molly is making considerable progress in quickly becoming one of the most prevalent drugs in college-age users. A type of readily available “dorm drug,” Molly is nothing more than synthetic ecstasy. And while often called “pure,” it is not. And it is impossible to verify the purity of any derivative of MDMA.


Finally, reports throughout the Midwest and as far southwest as Texas bring us Flakka. This drug resembles Krokodil in that it leaves its users with scaly, hardened, and scabbing skin. Yet, it goes one step further, because it triggers a high feverish condition called delirium, where the user’s body temperature can climb up to 105 or higher. This leads many users to tear off their clothing, become extremely agitated, paranoid, and terrified. It also pumps up adrenaline, much like PCP, and can result in supercharged criminals that are out of control, strong, paranoid, and naked.

Flakka is more rapidly spreading to Florida and other southern states, presumably being brought in through the same South American and Central American illegal drug channels that are already in place.

Legal or Illegal?

Each of these is illegal. In Virginia, all are treated as illegal substances and will lead to likely criminal charges. This applies even for the possession of small quantities. While no one should ever desire to put these chemicals in their body, they are gaining popularity in inner cities and college communities. In Leesburg and surrounding areas, if you are arrested and charged with a drug crime, you need an attorney who understands the law and how it applies to your unique situation. The law often treats drugs very differently, depending on how it is acquired, created, or possessed. A small detail can make all the difference.

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