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Submitting to a Virginia Breathalyzer: What You Should Know

When it comes to being pulled over by a police officer, there is a lot of misinformation. Some of it is harmless, but other information can be very dangerous. There is a sense of fear and uncertainty every time a person is pulled over. It is not normal to have one’s freedom limited. We are used to being able to move about freely and at will without anyone telling us otherwise. This is a fundamental liberty that we all enjoy as Americans.

Nevertheless, there are indeed restrictions in place to protect us. There will always be stress and discomfort when citizens and authority must interact in this type of encounter. So it is important to understand our rights and carefully protect them, while still being respectful and not doing something that could ultimately make our situation worse. One of the biggest misconceptions surrounds how to handle a DUI stop. Many suggest that you should simply refuse to submit to a sobriety test, because this will make it impossible for the prosecutor to convict you. This is not good advice in all cases.  Contact Simms Showers Law today to discuss the consequences of DUI and Refusal laws in Loudoun (Leesburg), Fairfax, Prince William, Winchester, and the surrounding counties.

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