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The Alcohol Safety Action Program (ASAP) for Virginia Drunk Drivers


Whether the underlying charges for drunk driving are misdemeanors or felonies, an offender can face confinement in county jail or prison. The applicable fines can range up to $2,500, and there is a mandatory period of driver’s license suspension.

In addition to confinement, fines, and license suspension, Virginia law requires drunk drivers to complete an Alcohol Safety Action Program (ASAP). It does not matter if the charge involves a first-time offense. Any DUI conviction triggers the ASAP requirement.

Provided at 24 locations throughout the Commonwealth of Virginia, ASAPs offer drunk drivers and other offenders sanctioned programs to satisfy court-ordered requirements. In many cases, the offender must complete an ASAP to reinstate a suspended or revoked driver’s license.

In common practice, the ASAPs offer services in five different categories: Probationary Oversight, Intervention Interviews, Restoration Evaluations, Driver Improvement Programs, and Reckless/Aggressive Driving Classes.

  1. Probationary Oversight

Probationary oversight of drunk drivers is a principal function of the ASAPs. By engaging in extensive case management, ASAP is able to monitor offenders throughout the state, prevent repeat offenses, and serve as a liaison with the state courts. Completing all ASAP requirements is generally a required condition for driver’s license reinstatement.

  1. Intervention Interviews

Intervention Interviews are for repeat offenders who were convicted of driving on a revoked or suspended license. During these interviews, a case manager typically reviews the offender’s driving record, underscores the consequences of future violations, explains the reinstatement process.

  1. Restoration Evaluations

Restoration Evaluations are usually a court-ordered requirement for DUI offenders labeled as habitual or repeat offenders. These offenders can only regain driving privileges with a VASAP recommendation. During these evaluations, a case manager ordinarily conducts an interview, including a review of driving and criminal records. Then, the case manager determines whether to recommend reinstatement of driving privileges.  Ultimately, however, the Virginia state courts decide whether it is appropriate to restore driving privileges for habitual offenders.

  1. Driver Improvement Programs

Driver Improvement Programs are available at ASAP locations for both court-ordered and voluntary participants. These programs provide instruction on safe driving techniques for all drivers. In fact, certain insurance providers offer discounts to policy holders who complete Driver Improvement Programs with ASAP.

  1. Reckless/Aggressive Driving Classes

Reckless/Aggressive Driving Classes are available at VASAP locations for persons convicted of aggressive or reckless driving offenses. This full-day program teaches students how to avoid reckless or aggressive driving and manage their anger. Often, the Virginia courts require an offender to complete a Reckless/Aggressive Driving Class and a Driver Improvement Program to regain driving privileges.

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