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Semi-Driver Charged with Reckless Driving in I-95 Turnover

The driver of a tractor trailer has been charged with reckless driving after a crash that overturned his trailer and completely blocked all southbound lanes of Interstate 95 in South Richmond, Virginia. The trailer ran off the interstate and hit the left barrier before overturning. Police believe fatigue was a factor. This seems to imply that the driver fell asleep momentarily before drifting off of the freeway and losing control. Generally, such overturns are the result of overcorrection when a truck is veering off the road.

The Dangers of Driver Fatigue

Driver fatigue is a major danger on the road. All drivers are advised in driver’s education that when tired, pulling over to rest and sleep before continuing to drive is always a safer option than to keep traveling while fatigued in the hopes of saving time. When a driver falls asleep they are very prone to veering out of their lane or failing to stop. This danger is particularly acute in the case of truck drivers who are under frequent pressure to drive long hours without rest in order to make time. The fact that trucks are very often the heaviest, largest vehicles on the road leads to other danger factors as well. Because of this, trucks stop more slowly than other vehicles, have difficulty seeing behind them, make wide right turns, and are frequently the subject of passing from impatient drivers trying to travel faster than the truck driver. Additionally, when a truck is involved in an accident, whether it is a jackknife or a turnover, it almost always has an effect on other vehicles. Even if it doesn’t strike other vehicles—these accidents nearly always result in lane blockages due to the truck’s sheer size and length.

Criminal Consequences

Reckless driving is a criminal matter in Virginia with consequences that go far beyond your insurance rates. It potentially carries jail time (though this is not very common), and it can have more long-lasting and negative effects on your life exceeding a mere traffic infraction. This not only means fines, potential probation, and potential license suspension, but also the possibility of negative career consequences.

Professional Consequences

A reckless driving conviction can also have professional consequences—especially if you make a living driving. In some cases of reckless driving, punishment with suspension or revocation of your driver’s license is possible. In Virginia you can only hold one driver’s license at a time, so a suspension of your driving privileges as a commercial licensee would make it impossible to continue carrying out your duties. Additionally, even if not suspended or once restored, a reckless driving conviction can cause your insurance rates to increase, making it more difficult to insure you and therefore more risky to hire you.

Contact a Virginia Reckless Driving Attorney

If you have been charged with reckless driving in Virginia, don’t let it ruin your career. Let the experienced Leesburg attorneys at Simms Showers defend you. Due to the criminal nature of reckless driving charges, all of the processes and procedures available to criminal defendants are available to you. We know how to use these procedures to protect your rights and fight for you. Call us today and let us defend you.

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