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Community Center Worker Faces Sex Crime Charges


Fairfax County officials arrested a 23-year-old woman who allegedly had an “illicit relationship” with a teenager who attended the center.

The investigation began in early April 2024 after other center employees said they noticed an inappropriate relationship between the man and the teenager. Police arrested the man on April 20 on four counts of indecent liberties with a minor by a person in a custodial position. He had worked at the community center in January 2023.

No other details were available.

Sex Crime Consequences

Criminal courts divide sex offenders into categories. Non-contact sex crimes, like stalking and indecent exposure, are usually misdemeanors. Most sex crimes are felonies. Some, like sexual assault of a child, are serious felonies.

This structure often allows a Leesburg criminal defense lawyer to reduce the charges during plea bargaining. For example, the defendant might agree to plead guilty to indecent exposure if prosecutors drop more serious charges.

These plea bargain agreements are quite routine in many areas. But in this area, the alleged victim’s family must usually agree to the plea bargain, or at least agree not to oppose it. This additional element, which complicates negotiations, underscores the need for a good lawyer who’s a good negotiator as well as a good litigator.

The court of public opinion is different. Most people believe sex offenders are homogenous. The above story is a good example.

Based on the facts presented, the relationship was improper and illegal, but it could have very well been a Romeo and Juliet situation. When most people, including most employers and landlords, look at similar facts, they immediately think of Lolita.

So, if possible, a Leesburg criminal defense lawyer must keep the conviction off the defendant’s record, whether that conviction is a misdemeanor or a felony. Record sealing and other such relief is usually unavailable in these cases. Deferred disposition could be an option, especially if the evidence is weak. More on that below.

Once again, prosecutors normally won’t make such a favorable deal in a sex crime case unless the alleged victim signs off on it.

Evidence in Sex Crime Cases

A he-said, she-said case could hold up in civil court. The burden of proof in civil court is only a preponderance of the evidence (more likely than not). But the standard of evidence in criminal court is proof beyond a reasonable doubt. Unless one person’s story was completely fabricated, he-said, she-said usually isn’t enough in criminal court.

To prop up their cases, prosecutors often use rape kit evidence and eyewitness testimony. This evidence has issues.

Usually, a rape kit proves the person had rough sex. But there’s a difference between rough and nonconsensual. Consent is a legal term that no medical test can possibly address. The state could ask an expert witness to interpret the results and determine consent, or the lack thereof. However, the defendant could easily reach out to a different expert who has a different opinion.

Eyewitness testimony is often flawed in criminal cases. We see what we want to see. Our eyes are not video cameras. Furthermore, if the witness sees suspects in a lineup, the witness usually feels pressured to pick someone.

Back to the he-said, she-said point for a moment. Virginia law shields alleged victims from cross-examination about their sexual histories and related subjects. Other subjects, such as a pending family law case that creates possible bias, are wide open. If an attorney marginally discredits the alleged victim, the state probably can’t make its case.

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