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Winchester Speeding Ticket Attorney

Speed is a top contributing factor when it comes to traffic fatalities. In fact, it accounts for 30 percent of deaths in all traffic collisions and is second only to alcohol, according to Newsweek. As such, speeding violations are strictly punished by Virginia law enforcement. If you get pulled over by the police for speeding, cooperate fully by showing your driver’s license and insurance information. Your next step should be to contact an experienced attorney once you get home, as speeding tickets will negatively impact your insurance rate, as well as jeopardize your privilege to continue driving on Virginia roadways. Because your license is issued by the Virginia Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV), it is crucial to fight every speeding ticket and ensure that you do not accumulate too many demerit points on your license. If you accumulate too many demerit  points, which stay with you for two years, in a given period of time, you risk having your license suspended, according to the DMV. Contact the experienced Winchester speeding ticket defense attorneys of Simms Showers, LLP today for more information about what we can do to dismiss your speeding ticket.

Points on Your Driver’s License for Speeding in Virginia

The points regarding speeding violations are as follows.

  • Three points: going one to nine miles per hour over the speed limit;
  • Four points: going 10 to 19 miles per hour over the speed limit; and
  • Six points: going more than 20 miles per hour over the speed limit.

By simply incurring two speeding tickets in a 12 month period, you can have your license suspended. In Virginia, the DMV will order you to take a driving safety class if you get 12 or more points in 12 months. By not passing this class, your license will be suspended. And, if you incur 18 points in 12 months, or 24 points in 24 months, your license will automatically be suspended for 90 days. Not only do speeding tickets negatively affect your ability to drive, but they also greatly increase your insurance premiums. You may end up paying hundreds of dollars more per month if you do not take care of your speeding ticket in a timely manner. If you pay your fine for the ticket or the court convicts you, these points will automatically be tallied on the DMV’s database, and your insurance company will quickly be made aware of the infraction.

Fines for Speeding Tickets in Virginia

If you get pulled over for speeding in Virginia, you face a large fine that grows with every mile per hour over the speed limit you were travelling. The fee is $5 for every mile per hour over the limit, and in addition to that you will pay a court fee that generally comes to $62 in Virginia. Fees, insurance, and the loss of a license all add up to a considerable amount financially and emotionally as well.

A Winchester Speeding Ticket Attorney Can Help You

Have you received speeding tickets recently? Don’t hesitate to contact the Winchester speeding ticket defense attorneys of Simms Showers, LLP today to learn how we can help you with your case.

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