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What To Do If You Are Arrested For A Drug Crime In Virginia

If you are arrested and charged with a drug crime in Virginia, it is important that you know your rights and how to protect them. Virginia has very tough drug crime laws and you do not want to do anything that will interfere with your defense later. This article discusses some of the things to do and keep in mind if you are arrested for a drug crime in Virginia.

Stay Silent

You have probably seen police issue the Miranda warning on television. It begins, “you have the right to remain silent.” The right to remain silent is a very important right and one that you should take advantage of. If you are arrested or interrogated by police you should remain silent and not give them any information.

Remember that the police are allowed to lie and may try to trick you to get you to say what they want you to. They may try to pretend to be your friend or say that they will “help you out”, but you need to ignore these false promises and just repeat that you are taking advantage of your right to remain silent. This is crucial and cannot be overstated. Many people charged with drug crimes have interfered with possible defenses by answering police questions when they should have remained silent. The police may try to wear you down, but do not say anything without your lawyer there.

Ask For A Lawyer

There is one exception to the rule about staying silent, and that is that you should ask for an attorney. When asking for an attorney you need to be unambiguous in your statement. Say, “I want a lawyer,” not “maybe I should speak to a lawyer” or “should I get a lawyer?” It is crucial that you make this statement without being unclear because the police may spin it to make it look like you did not definitively ask for a lawyer and you want it to be straightforward. Once you have the ability to contact a lawyer, make sure you call an experienced drug crime defense attorney.

Talk to Your Lawyer

When you are able to meet with your lawyer it is important that you talk to him or her and are honest about what happened. Your lawyer will ask you questions and will want you to answer honestly so that he or she can prepare the best defense. Your attorney may allow you to answer some of the police’s questions depending on the questions and the circumstances. A court date will be set and your attorney will help you prepare for court or advise you about taking a possible plea bargain.

Leesburg, Virginia Drug Crime Defense Attorneys

If you are arrested for a drug crime or any other crime in Virginia, you need a skilled defense attorney on your side to help defend you against the charges. Our experienced drug crime defense attorneys at Simms Showers, LLP serve clients in Leesburg, Loudoun county, Fairfax county and throughout northern Virginia and can help you to plead not guilty or to try to get your charges reduced.

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