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Sterling Speeding Attorney

Addressing a speeding ticket in Sterling, Virginia, may seem daunting due to the strict enforcement by local prosecutors and municipalities keen on maintaining road safety. But this challenge can be mitigated with the help of a seasoned and knowledgeable Sterling speeding attorney. Our traffic violation lawyers possess the necessary expertise to present an effective defense on your behalf.

When you’re pulled over for speeding, it’s essential to stay calm, polite, and cooperative with the police officer. However, you must also safeguard your rights. Refrain from admitting anything or answering potentially incriminating questions. Instead, express your preference to discuss the matter with your attorney first. Promptly getting in touch with an attorney can make a significant difference in how your case progresses.

This proactive approach can help protect your driving privileges, prevent excessive fines, and avoid escalating insurance premiums. With legal help, navigating the repercussions of a speeding ticket becomes a more manageable process.

Speeding Violations in Sterling, Virginia

With the magnitude of potential fines and driver’s license points directly proportional to the exceeded speed limit, understanding the repercussions is crucial. The Virginia Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) assigns points to your driver’s license according to the following breakdown for a Sterling speeding ticket:

  • Exceeding the speed limit by one to nine mph: three points
  • Exceeding the speed limit by 10 to 19 mph: four points
  • Exceeding the speed limit by more than 20 mph: six points

In addition to accruing these points, individuals pulled over for speeding in Sterling are typically fined $5 for each mph they’re over the limit. Court fees are also levied, generally amounting to around $62 in Virginia. It’s crucial to realize that paying the fine or receiving a court conviction for a Sterling speeding ticket results in the Virginia DMV being notified of these points, which can lead to significant consequences.

Seek Assistance from our Attorney

Contesting a speeding ticket necessitates a Sterling speeding attorney well-versed in the operations of the police, the prosecutors, and the courts. Attorney Caleb A. Kershner, having served as a prosecutor and tried hundreds of criminal and traffic cases in Loudoun County and Northern Virginia, is well-equipped to help you fight a speeding ticket in Virginia. Reach out to us today to start building your speeding ticket defense. At Simms Showers LLP, we can help preserve your license, and potentially save you from paying unnecessary fines and increased insurance rates.

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