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Manassas Traffic Violation Attorney

According to AAA, Americans are spending on average of 290 hours in their cars every year and driving nearly 11,000 miles in that time. With all of the time spent on the road, it is inevitable that people will make an occasional mistake behind the wheel. Even if the errors are small, traffic tickets can add up over time and have serious consequences such as losing your license or paying significantly higher insurance premiums. It is worth challenging traffic tickets so they are not reported to the Virginia Department of Motor Vehicles. Challenged traffic tickets are often dismissed because there is not enough evidence for a conviction.

If you have a traffic violation, contact the law firm of Simms Showers LLP to speak to a knowledgeable Manassas traffic attorney. We will assist you throughout each step of the way.

Virginia’s Point System for Traffic Violations

Virginia uses a point system for traffic violations to deter people from becoming repeat offenders. Points are determined by the following:

  • Age of the driver – new drivers under the age of 18, drivers who are 18 or 19, and adult drivers all have different punishments for traffic infractions.
  • Number of prior points on record – points stay on record for two years at a time. A driver can also earn one safe driver point for each year they drive without violations, up until five points.
  • Nature of the traffic violation – Traffic infractions typically have three, four, or six points associated with them. Certain violations, such as driving under the influence or causing a fatal crash, are cause for losing a driver’s license immediately.

The nature of the traffic violation is a major determining factor, and according to the Virginia Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV), the following are examples of three, four, and six point demerits:

  • Three Points – Improper passing, driving/riding on sidewalk, coasting with gears in neutral, driving through safety zone, improper U-turn, driving without lights/excessive lights, and, driving with TV screen visible to driver;
  • Four Points – Passing when unsafe, speeding 15-19 mph above the posted speed limit, failure to yield when turning left, and failure to slow down/stop at a railroad crossing; and
  • Six Points – reckless driving while passing two vehicles abreast, failing to give a proper signal, or passing a school bus, driving while intoxicated, and manslaughter.

Insurance Premiums Will Rise With Traffic Violations

Auto insurance companies often offer discounts for drivers who have a good driving record. However, with each traffic infraction the cost of insurance will rise. The increase will depend on which insurance company you have and if people were injured in addition to vehicles or not. The insurance company will also want to know which driver was involved if there was a crash. Liability for crashes can be ambiguous. Having a attorney who understands your traffic ticket and can explain the details to your insurance company could potentially save you hundreds of dollars on your auto insurance.

Contact a Manassas Traffic Violation Attorney Today

By challenging your traffic ticket, you greatly reduce the likelihood of having to pay the large fines and suffering the consequences of rising insurance rates that you would if you had not taken action. Call the Manassas traffic violation attorneys of Simms Showers LLP today for assistance.

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