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Manassas Speeding Ticket Attorney

When the traffic around you is going faster than the speed limit or you are behind schedule and aren’t looking carefully at the odometer, it is easy to unintentionally speed. When a driver speeds, the impact of any subsequent collision will be greater. Since the potential for fatalities or serious bodily injuries increases a driver goes above the speed limit, Virginia law enforcement is strict with handing out speeding tickets. If you get pulled over for speeding you should listen and cooperate with the police regardless of the situation. Once home, contact a knowledgeable Manassas speeding ticket attorney who can assist you in fighting the ticket. Taking the time to fight your ticket will keep you from facing fines, higher auto insurance premiums, and demerit points on your driving record.

How Many Points Do I Stand To Get On My Driver’s License?

The Virginia Department of Motor Vehicles has set how many points a driver will receive depending on how far over the speed limit they were going.

  • Going up to nine mph over the speed limit is three demerit points.
  • Going 10-19 mph over the speed limit is four demerit points.
  • Going over 20 mph over the speed limit is six demerit points.

Accumulating more than one speeding ticket can threaten your driver’s license. It only takes 12 points over the course of a year to put your driving privileges in danger. You will have to take a driving class and even that is not a guarantee that you will be allowed to keep your license. Furthermore, 18 points in a year or 24 points in two years will cause you to automatically lose your license for 90 days. Each time you accumulate demerit points, they will be entered into the Department of Transportation Motor Vehicle (DMV) database, and the DMV will alert your insurance company of the driving infractions. Insurance companies can increase your auto insurance rates when your driving record accumulates demerit points, which means you may end up paying hundreds of dollars more to be covered.

Manassas Speeding Fines

Along with demerit points on your driving record, a speeding ticket can result in fines. To be sure, Virginia speeding tickets can result in fines exceeding $3,000. Even driving a few miles over the speed limit will cost $62 in court fees and five dollars each mile over the speed limit you were going. Reckless driving also means criminal charges, which will cost thousands more depending on whether it is a misdemeanor or felony. When you include these fines with increased insurance rates, the financial burden of a speeding ticket is significant.

Do Not Hesitate to Contact an Experienced Manassas Speeding Ticket Defense Attorney

Did you just receive a speeding ticket in Virginia? Do not be overwhelmed because it is possible to fight traffic violations and avoid the demerits and associated fines. Here at Simms Showers LLP our speeding ticket defense attorneys can help you win your case. Please contact us today to learn more and to speak with an attorney now.

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