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Manassas Drug Crime Attorney

Drug convictions have serious consequences that can impact a person’s freedom, finances, and job. If you, or someone you know has been charged with a drug-related crime, you will want to have competent legal representation. Contact the Manassas drug crime attorneys of Simms Showers LLP to learn how we can represent you and help you navigate the legal system.

Controlled Substances

The Drug Enforcement Agency (DEA) classifies drugs into Schedules I through V. Schedule I drugs are highly addictive and have no accepted legal use. Schedule V drugs are much less likely to be abused, such as cough syrup with small amounts of codeine. The penalties vary for each drug crime depending on the following:

  • Whether the person charged was in possession of the drug, attempting to sell the drug, or manufacturing the drug;
  • The amount of the drug;
  • What schedule the drug was classified as; and
  • What other crimes may have simultaneously been committed.

The Growing Opioid Epidemic

Drug crimes in the United States are being taken very seriously in part because of the growing opioid epidemic in the country. According to WMRA News, the Virginia Department of Health has declared that opioid overdoses increased by 38 percent in 2016. Overdoses are now the leading unnatural cause of death for individuals under the age of 50. In response, states are treating drug crimes very seriously. The opioid heroin is a Schedule I drug while other opioid drugs fall under the category of Schedule II drugs because they are highly addictive prescription painkillers used legally to manage pain. The charges for illegally possessing, selling, or manufacturing opioids or other drugs in Virginia are harsh because the side effects of these drugs can be life-threatening.

Constructive Possession

In Virginia a person does not even need to be found in actual possession of the drugs to be convicted of a drug crime. If the defendant was aware of the presence and character of the illegal drugs and that those drugs were under the defendant’s dominion and control, then the prosecutor can prove the case based on constructive possession. This is a complex task for a prosecutor because it relies on circumstantial evidence such as the smell of a drug in the area or access to the drug’s location. Still, defendants are regularly found guilty because of prosecutors using constructive possession. It takes a skilled attorney who understands the complexity of construction possession to defend against this claim.

Do Not Be Intimidated Into Pleading Guilty. Call a Attorney Today

Drug charges and the subsequent police questioning can be intimidating for even the most prepared defendants. While the jail time and fines may see inevitable, each drug case is handled differently in court. For first-time offenders there may even be alternative sentences such as community service or drug education programs. Before you begin answering questions, speak to a Manassas drug crime attorney at Simms Showers LLP. We will advise you from the start, negotiate what charges you are faced with, and fight for your case the entire way.

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