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Manassas Child Support

Child support was launched in 1975, the same year that no-fault divorce was created, allowing spouses to file for divorce for reasons other than adultery or abuse. The divorce rate increased as a result, as spouses were finally free to abandon toxic marriages. Child support remains a vital financial tool for custodial parents, whether they were ever married to the child’s other parent or not. Here at Simms Showers, our Manassas child support attorneys can help you navigate the complex times ahead as you fight to maximize or minimize the child support order that will dictate your future.

Helping You Maximize Child Support

Custodial parents greatly rely on child support. For some, it is their primary source of income. After all, it may not be financially sound to try and hold down a full-time job and raise a young child, considering that the average cost of full-time infant care in Virginia is over $17,000, and the average cost of care for a four year old is about $11,000 annually. In fact, Virginia ranks in the top ten most expensive states for childcare. We understand how important child support is to a single parent, and we are here to help you achieve your goals of maximizing support for your child’s needs.

Representing Non-Custodial Parents

We also represent non-custodial parents, who have to look after their own financial well-being, particularly if they are minimally employed or are being asked to provide more than they are capable of giving.

How Child Support is Calculated

Virginia courts use a simple calculation to estimate child support. Both parents’ total gross income is added together, and the non-custodial parent’s share of support is based on their and the other parent’s income, as well as the number of children the support is for. However, other factors are often applied to this calculation. These factors may include one or more of the following:

  • Is their support from other family members?
  • What childcare costs are incurred due to a parent’s education or vocational training?
  • What are the child’s educational expenses?
  • What other special needs of the child are there?
  • What are the child’s healthcare or medical expenses?
  • Was their extraordinary capital gains front the sale of the marital home?
  • What was the standard of living of the child that was established during the marriage?
  • What are the earning capacities of each parent?
  • What are the tax consequences of support or child tax credits?

Call a Manassas Child Support Attorney Today

If you are going through divorce, need assistance locating the child’s father, were recently contacted by the birth mother of your child for support, are awaiting the results of a paternity test, or need help with any other child support matter, it is in your best interest to contact an attorney immediately. Call the Manassas child support attorneys at Simms Showers today at 703-879-1364 to schedule a consultation.

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