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Manassas Child Custody

We understand that your children are the most important part of your life. The thought of having a stranger decide who your children end up living with can be terrifying, yet this happens across the country every day. If both parents cannot come to an agreement regarding child custody, a judge will decide. While we will do all that we can to avoid a custody hearing such as this, if it comes down to it, the Manassas child custody attorneys at Simms Showers are prepared to take your case to court.

Types of Child Custody in Virginia

There are several types of custody arrangements: sole legal custody, joint legal custody, sole physical custody, joint physical custody. The court asks some of the following questions to help determine what living arrangement is best for a child:

  • Was one of the parents the primary caretaker up until now?
  • What is each parent’s parenting ability?
  • If the child is old enough, what is their preference?
  • What is the work schedule of each parent?
  • What are the child’s needs or special needs?
  • What is each parent’s willingness and ability to cooperate with the other parent?
  • What are the ages and health of each parent?

Joint Physical Custody and Joint Legal Custody

Joint physical and legal custody involves a parenting agreement that enables the child to live with both parents. While the split may not be exactly 50/50, both parents have equal decision-making rights about their child’s healthcare, where they go to school, and their day to day schedule. These details should be described thoroughly in a parenting plan.

  • Joint legal custody—both parents have legal decision-making rights.
  • Joint physical custody—the child lives with both parents equally (roughly).

Sole Physical Custody and Sole Legal Custody

About 26 percent of children live with one parent only in the U.S. While joint physical custody is ideal in some cases, it is not always feasible. In fact, when one parent is not willing or capable of making responsible decisions about their child, sole physical custody and/or sole legal custody may be ideal.

  • Sole legal custody—only one parent has legal decision-making rights.
  • Sole physical custody—the child lives with only one parent (in some scenarios, a parent can have joint legal custody and sole physical custody).

Call a Manassas Child Custody Attorney Today

If you are going through divorce or are in a child custody dispute with the child’s other parent, do not hesitate to call a qualified attorney for help. The Manassas child custody attorney at Simms Showers will listen to your concerns and come up with a plan to meet your goals. Call us at 703-879-1364 to schedule a consultation today.

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